Online Patient Center Allows Patients Digital Access to Health Info

Online Patient Center pic
Online Patient Center

Ali Mesiwala, MD provides treatment for spine and neurological conditions as a neurosurgeon for the Chaparral Medical Group in Pomona, California. Additionally, Ali Mesiwala, MD leads the division of neurological surgery for the St. Bernardine Medical Center, a nonprofit health care facility that operates under the administration of Dignity Health. The St. Bernardine Medical Center and other Dignity Health affiliates allow patients to access their medical information digitally through the Online Patient Center.

Designed for convenience and security, the Online Patient Center enables patients to review a variety of medical documentation, such as personal health records, laboratory and imaging results, and clinical summaries. Other information provided by the database includes instructions and educational information specific to the patient’s treatment plan. Patients may also use the Online Center to view upcoming appointments, transmit summaries to providers, and message participating health care teams through a secure database.

The Online Patient Center is compatible for use alongside other online patient databases used by a broad range of doctor’s offices. Dignity Health patients receive an email invitation to the Online Center during their hospital visit.


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