Connections Between the Sacroiliac Joint and Back Pain

Ali Mesiwala MD pic
Ali Mesiwala MD

A longtime neurosurgeon with the Chaparral Medical Group, Inc., in Southern California, Ali Mesiwala, MD, has extensive experience in spine and lower back pain. In 2012, Ali Mesiwala, MD, presented on “Sacroiliac Joint: The Forgotten Back Pain Generator” at a professional meeting in Ontario, California.

Commonly known as the SI joints, these sit on either side of the spine and are responsible for carrying the upper body’s weight when walking or standing, shifting the load to the legs. Associated with lower back pain, SI joint pain can be either sharp or dull, and begins at the joint itself. It often extends to the upper back, groin, thighs, and buttocks.

SI joint pain can be triggered by common movements such as standing up, and is often experienced on only one side of the back. Caused by inflammation, it is associated with pregnancy, arthritis, and unusual ways of walking that in turn cause the joint to move abnormally. Treatment protocols include chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, and cortisone shots. In addition, a recently developed technique known as SI joint fixation provides a minimally invasive surgical approach to treating the condition.


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