An Innovative Approach to SI Joint Fixation Surgery

SI Bone, Inc pic
SI Bone, Inc

Based in Pomona, California, neurosurgeon Ali Mesiwala, MD, serves as medical director of Chaparral Medical Group, Inc. Well-published in his field and a member of SI Bone, Inc., Ali Mesiwala, MD, coauthored the presentation “One Year Follow-up of Patients Undergoing Minimally Invasive Sacroiliac Joint Fixation” through the Southern California Center for Neuroscience and Spine.

Traditional open sacroiliac (SI) joint fixation surgeries are associated with physical restrictions and long patient recovery times. In recent years, a minimally invasive approach that employs three titanium dowels has been developed for fixating the SI joint.

A review of nearly 100 patients who had not responded to non-surgical treatment and went through unilateral or bilateral SI fixation for degenerative joint disease/instability revealed significant post-operative improvement. Among patients without previous lumbar surgery, success was achieved within six months. Those with prior lumbar surgery achieved successful results within three months. In addition to these positive results, Dr. Mesiwala and his colleagues noted that there was no evidence of permanent complications, and patients reported no physical limitations.


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