Snoop Youth Football League – Player Forms and Contracts

Snoop Youth Football League pic
Snoop Youth Football League

Ali Mesiwala, MD, oversees patient care and leads research projects as a neurosurgeon and the medical director of the Chaparral Medical Group, Inc., in Pomona, California. Away from work, Ali Mesiwala, MD, supports local philanthropic organizations such as the Snoop Youth Football League and serves as its medical director.

Children and families interested in joining the Snoop Youth Football League must first complete a number of health and conduct forms, including a player season contract. The contract covers a number of topics, ranging from basic information, such as the child’s birth date and school name, to more league-specific subjects like Snoop Youth Football rules and regulations. The contract also includes an insurance disclosure, an emergency medical release section, and a parent’s acknowledgment of participation.

There are several additional forms players and their families must review and sign. The league’s physical form gathers traditional physical statistics for each child, such as height and weight, as well as more advanced information like blood pressure and subjects such as posture and range of motion. There are also areas where parents can describe any relevant physical ailments or abnormalities.

In addition, the Snoop Youth Football League maintains a contract and a parent and player code of conduct form for cheerleaders. To review each of these forms or to learn more about the league, visit


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