Snoop Youth Football League Featured on Reality TV

Snoop Youth Football League pic
Snoop Youth Football League

A neurosurgeon at Chaparral Medical Group, Inc., Ali Mesiwala, MD, graduated from medical school at the University of California, San Francisco. In a nonprofessional capacity, Dr. Ali Mesiwala devotes his time to charitable pursuits and serves as the medical director for the Snoop Youth Football League.

The Snoop Youth Football League was founded by rapper Snoop Dogg 10 years ago to teach kids how to play football. More importantly, the league’s main purpose was to get kids off the streets.

The league has been quietly operating for the past decade, but the initiative and its achievements were publicly shared on “Coach Snoop,” a reality show that chronicles Snoop Dogg and a team of 12-year-old players.

The goal was to make the team one of the best in the U.S. youth leagues, but the show also shows the challenges the kids faced as Snoop Dogg guides them, as well as the lessons they learned throughout the experience.


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