Educational Programs at the Claremont Museum of Art

Claremont Museum of Art pic
Claremont Museum of Art

Neurosurgeon Ali Mesiwala, MD, serves as the medical director of the Chaparral Medical Group, Inc., in Pomona, California. In addition, Ali Mesiwala, MD, is a founding member of the Claremont Museum of Art.

In response to diminishing art programs in local schools, the Claremont Museum of Art has provided the Claremont, California, community with a number of educational art programs, including Project ARTstART, ARTpix, and Family Art.

Through Project ARTstART, high school-aged children are provided the opportunity to communicate their appreciation for the fine arts to elementary school students. Over the last six years, the program has aggregated a leadership force of 60 high school students teaching at three local schools, as well as a number of college mentors, who oversee their activities.

The ARTpix program, designed in the mold of the popular ARToon program, which emphasized the art behind professional cartooning, is based in the El Roble Intermediate School and focuses on the art of photography. Finally, the museum’s Family Art program has established a presence at various festivals throughout the Claremont region, offering engaging artistic resources to both children and adults.


Inland Valley Disease Management Clinic Assists with Diabetes Care

Inland Valley Disease Management Clinic pic
Inland Valley Disease Management Clinic

Neurosurgeon Ali Mesiwala, MD holds affiliations with multiple medical center in California, including serving as a medical director at the Chaparral Medical Group in Pomona. Ali Mesiwala, MD leads the neurological surgery department for Chaparral Medical, which provides disease management services through the Inland Valley Disease Management Clinic (IVDMC).

An extension of the Chaparral Medical Group, the IVDMC works with patients diagnosed with diseases to provide assistance with successful self-management of their conditions. The clinic helps patients improve their overall health and reduce the possibility of developing complications such as nerve damage, lower leg amputations, and diseases of the heart and kidneys. Patients receive care from a registered dietitian and nurse practitioner who perform personalized assessments and create individualized treatment plans.

Services offered by the clinic range from support groups and self-management classes to medical nutrition and insulin pump therapies. Additionally, it administers a diabetes education program and delivers customized programs to meet the needs of pediatric and adolescent patients.

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